Bobby Lashley wants to face AJ Styles

Bobby Lashley wants some competition and he’s eyeing for the WWE Champion AJ Styles, even suggesting that he will break bad just to get a shot at the company’s top prize.

Appearing on the The Big J Show, Bobby Lashley said he wanted to work with AJ Styles since his return in April. When asked if he ever worked with Styles in TNA, Lashley said, “”No, not while I was in TNA. He was going out while I was coming in and he was involved with these other things. The thing with AJ is…a crazed good guy needs a crazed bad guy. When I flip that switch and you see that bad side of me like I had in TNA, I believe I’m a perfect person to AJ’s good.”

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Lashley also revealed that the reason he left WWE in 2008 to go indie was to seek further competition. “I wanted to work with some of the people that I probably would have never had the opportunity to work with before,” Lashley said. He views heading to the indies as a wrestler paying his dues in the wrestling business so he paid his out of respect to the business.

It also gave Lashley a chance to compete in MMA where he fought for Bellator and Strikeforce where he earned a 15:2 MMA record. “The [MMA] part was to show people that I can do it,” said Lashley who has a 15-2 MMA record. “A lot of people look at me as such a nice guy, they don’t understand how dangerous I can actually be,” he said.

After his latest run in the indies and MMA, he simply waited for WWE to call him back. “I was kind of waiting for that opportunity to open up the door so I could come back to WWE. So that’s how I made it back. The door opened up and I came running,” Lashley said.

(Photo from H/T to Wrestling Inc. for transcription)
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